If you’re like most women, you’ve had a variety of hair styles over the years. Perhaps you’ve spent years letting your hair grow out, only to discover you look horrible with long hair. Maybe you’ve had your hair cut for summer, but now wish it were long again. A woman’s confidence is intrinsically tied to how she feels about her hair. No longer do you need to rely on your own body’s timetable to change up your style. Human hair extensions have become quite popular over the years as a way to try out new and different hair styles, and can be worn with total confidence. You can let out your inner rock star by adding in long hair extensions to change up your look in a matter of minutes. There’s a wide variety of brands from which to choose, from simple clip-ins from the local drug store to the best quality virgin human hair extensions.

What Is Important

You want to buy your product from a company who specializes in virgin human hair. Virgin hair is cuticle hair, also known as Remy hair. What this term signifies is that there are dead hair cells that overlap in layers, forming a scale that protects and strengthens each individual hair shaft. The extensions should be of the highest quality, shiny, natural looking and easy to style. The best places to find high quality human hair is either at a beauty supply store or on-line. Regardless of the source, look for a company who personally tests each product and who guarantees the best virgin hair. The best sources come from Brazil and India, and are free of chemicals. The hair can be colored, styled and straightened easily, and is durable and low maintenance. The company should offer friendly, efficient service and have a printed return policy.

How to Care for Hair Extensions

You need to wash your hair extensions just as you do your regular hair, especially if using any kind of product or spray on them. Remove the extensions and soak them in a basin of warm, soapy water for a few minutes. Pat them dry and allow them to air dry before reusing them. With proper care, you can use your extensions for several years before you need to replace them. These are all things to consider when shopping for the best quality virgin human hair extensions