Medical spas offer clients the ultimate experience in cosmetic care and health. Here are some tips to help your med spa thrive in this increasingly popular market.


One of the first ways you can help your med spa is to get appropriate aesthetic software. This can be a great benefit to your customers and your staff. Instead of having to navigate through many systems, you can have one unified program that handles the sales, accounting, payroll, client records, and more.

Good software is essential when it comes to booking. Managing an accurate calendar is perhaps one of the most important aspects of running a successful spa. If you overbook, double book, or loose someone’s reservation you can quickly have a bad customer service experience and lose a potentially loyal client.


It is important to remember that a med spa is not a doctor’s office. You can not sit back and wait for your clients to come to you. A customer may be thinking about or wanting a service you provide but may be unsure or will delay acting on their inclination since it is not deemed a medical necessity or emergency. A good marketing plan is essential to help your spa identity be presented to your target market in the best light and create a positive brand image to the customer.

As you market your spa remember you are offering a concept as much as a service. People attend med spas to change their lives, boost their confidence, improve their situations, and more. As you first begin your practice you will most likely want to work with a professional marketing company to help establish your spa in your demographics which could be highly varied. Men, women, young, and old are all seeking the services that a medical spa offers.

Experience and Expertise

The experience your customer receives and the expertise and services you offer will be what differentiates you in the market. A tip is to find your niche. Try to focus on a particular concept or culture, like all-natural, luxury, or wellness. Only offer a service if you can really offer a service. Instead of trying to offer ten mediocre treatments, start with five and do them very well. A masseuse that is only available for appointments 2 hours per day and 3 days per week will not benefit your spa or your clients. You should offer appointment times around the typical work day, and provide excellent customer service and scheduling communications.

By having a good scheduling calendar system through an aesthetic software program you can help eliminate long waiting periods and overlap to ensure that your clients have the best experience that they can at your spa.