Self maintenance and self care is an essential part of life. Every person has a certain defined way and steps using which they take care of themselves. The most valued and the most cared of all the body parts of an individual is the face. For maintaining the features of the face properly, the most important of all is the eyebrow. A lot of people believe in getting their eyebrows waxed, while other rely on the laser treatments and then there are people who consider threading their eyebrows. Threading is surely the best option when it comes to eyebrows and the reasons for the same are mentioned in further sections of the blog.

What is eyebrow threading?

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Dwelling from the ancient times, threading is the most primitive of all the possible eyebrow doing methods. It involves removal of the extra hair from eyebrow line one by one using the threads. The technique makes use of 100% cotton threads which are absolutely safe on almost every skin type. It can be done by only the skilled individuals and people get trained in the same to become a professional.

1) Eyebrow threading is less painful

Hair removal is technique which removes the hair on your body from within the skin and therefore, it is quite painful. Waxing is an option that causes huge amount of pain and therefore, a lot of individuals refrain from getting their eyebrows waxed. On the other hand, shaving is actually not meant for the eye area and hence, threading is the best option as it is comparatively less painful.

2) Threading gives a precise shape to the eyebrows

The most crucial part of getting the eyebrows is the shape which is precise only when threading procedures are done. The shape of the eyebrow varies according to the face cut and the preferences of different people. Threading includes removal of the extra hair from the eyebrows one by one and this elicits the perfect shape to the eyebrow.

3) It involves easy and less frequent maintenance

The best benefit of eyebrow threading is that it requires less maintenance as their remains a long enough gap between the subsequent threading sessions. You can go weeks without the need to visit a parlour or salon, whereas in other measures, the growth of the extra hair is witnessed soon after getting them removed.

4) It has no harmful chemicals, just the thread

Threading method does not require any harmful chemical or solution, like other measures. It requires just the thread and a skilled person who knows how to use the thread. Even the salon wax can leave your skin in a bad condition, but such is never a case with the threads as they harmless in every way. Therefore, Eyebrow threading is the safest method for getting the eyebrows dones.

5) Better for sensitive skin

A lot of people are allergic to the chemicals that are used for getting the eyebrows done. Also, sensitivity is an issue and waxing or other measures can actually worsen the cases of sensitivity and therefore, relying on measures like threading is the safest for the people with sensitivity.

Eyebrows are the essential part of the face and contributes to the overall look of the face. There are plenteous ways to get the eyebrows in shape but threading is one method that is used the most. There are different benefits associated with the eyebrow threading and some of them are mentioned in the above section of the blog.