Have you ever wondered what the secret is behind the best-handcrafted cocktails in Avalon, GA and anywhere else? It’s innovation. Many of the best cocktails are crafted creatively by pairing uncommon ingredients that produce magically mind-blowing flavors. Below are some examples of such cocktails that you might want to try.

Bacon Cherry Creek

This sensational drink was designed by Natalie Bovis who’s named as one of the four leading women in the liquor industry. More popularly known as The Liquid Muse on the internet, Bovis has made a name for herself by innovating drinks and pairing flavors that many people thought would never mix well together.

The Bacon Cherry Creek is just one of these creations. It features a specific brand of bourbon that’s infused with bacon, ruby port wine, and homemade cherry-cinnamon syrup. Orange zest can be added as a garnish, which balances the sweet and savory flavors of the other ingredients.

Eucalyptus Martini

This is a drink created by Humberto Marques who’s an internationally renowned mixologist. He focuses on using fresh ingredients in his cocktail drinks.

The eucalyptus martini uses gin as the base liquor and is mixed with eucalyptus syrup. As a finishing touch, the drink is topped with a delicate eucalyptus leaf. This cocktail has a cool and refreshing sweetness that you will love to drink over and over.

Marriage of Figaro

The Marriage of Figaro is a truly magnificent drink that uses fig-infused bourbon that can be paired with other types of liqueur such as amaro and cardamaro. You can garnish it with lemon to create a complex and rich blend of flavors that you can enjoy any time of the day. You can even pair this drink with the best craft cocktails in Avalon, GA.

Butternut Old-Fashioned

Nikki Sunseri, a mixologist based in Los Angeles, created a Thanksgiving favorite with the Butternut Old-Fashioned. This drink is simple to make but requires about a week of preparation since you’ll need to infuse a specific brand of bourbon with butternut squash that’s roasted with cinnamon and a dash of sugar. The sweet taste and the aroma of this drink will have you ditching the pumpkin spice latte for a new autumn favorite.

These are just some of the innovative cocktails that you can try at a bar or home. There are tons of other mixes that you can enjoy so keep mixing and experimenting. Or get your friends together and head to a local bar with the best-handcrafted cocktails in Avalon, GA.