There are anecdotes of CBD being used for centuries to treat many ailments. A popular way of administering CBD was grinding and rolling dried cannabis buds into a joint. Smoking CBD was considered effective and preferred due to its fast-acting time. Body absorbs CBD easily when inhaled. Smoking was seen as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes.

What changed the traditional way of smoking CBD?

Today, CBD industry is booming and there are many smart innovations in the CBD industry. Currently there are different ways of administering CBD including oral, vaping, sublingual and dermal etc. Researchers have found that smoking CBD comes with health-issues and there is a risk of pulmonary complications with cannabis smoke.

Yet combustion is by far the fastest way of finding relief with CBD. If you want immediate relief, but want to cut down the ill-effects of smoking CBD, vaping works great. There are a number of easy-to-use vape products available online. JustCBD store is a leading tienda de CBD y vape featuring vape oils in exciting flavors and vaporizers.

Types of vaporizers:

Vape devices are available in a handful of styles. There are ‘smart vapes’ controlled by apps and ones with adjustable temperature. Every style has its own set of pros and cons.  Some vaing devices are compatible with only cannabis while some work with multiple herbs.  The common vape devices include:

  • Disposable vape pens: These small and inexpensive pens are simple to use, discreet and easily portable making it convenient for beginners.
  • Conduction vapes: Cannabis comes in direct contact with the heated surface, but the marijuana could heat up unevenly.
  • Convection vapes: Cannabis comes in contact with heated air and the marijuana is heated up evenly.

How is vaping different from smoking?

Though vaping and smoking are similar in many ways, the popularity and benefits of vaping when compared to smoking is due to the following key differences:

  • Lower temperature: Unlike with smoking where the flames combust the plant material, vaporizers heat plant material or CBD oil at lower temperatures. As a result, the fatty cannabis resins melt without burning of plant material which makes this option more potent.
  • More cannabinoid efficiency: Whilst smoking cannabis, 50% of cannabinoids is lost and an additional 15% is lost in smoke burn off which isn’t the case with vaping. Vaping preserves 95% of cannabinoids.
  • Choice of flavors: The flavors tend to vary depending on the temperature CBD vape oil is exposed to. This is because of the presence of terpenes which have different boiling points. You can fine-tune the vaping experience by altering the temperature.

With most vape cartridges, the vapors emitted isn’t pungent as in with smoking CBD. This lets user’s vape CBD in a discreet way in public. The vapors emitted wouldn’t cause problems for your skin unlike smoking where the resultant tar leaves wrinkles and marks on your skin. Vaping is also better for the lung health.

Vaping gives user a customizable experience and is thus far better than smoking. Ditch smoking and turn to CBD vaping to enjoy more relief from health ailments.