Often many smokers who are high school students and also few young smokers who like to experiment prefer to do something different, while smoking weed to get an intoxicated feeling.

Use of gravity bong can also be one of those crazy ideas that these people often employ to get a better hit from the cannabis.

However, most of you probably must be wondering, how will this monster will really work? Although it may appear to be more complicated, it is in fact the concept from physics, which actually is quite simple.

Certain companies have used the negative pressure that is created as water will fall from one chamber into the other for pulling air through the burning plant material, and try to replace empty space by smoke as water will empty the space.

Then, while you try to turn it back, the water will fall back into smoke-filled chamber that will push the smoke back into your face.

This kind of design can be much slicker and at the same time creates very little mess as compared to any bucket or waterfall style of bong that most of you must have tried.

Whenever you think about such type of bong, you may picture the kind, which will use a big water container as small like a pitcher or it will be as big as a swimming pool having a bottle with bottom cut off.

This way, there is very little less possibility of spilling all over the floor, but in case it does, then it will make an incredible mess.

Will a gravity bong make you higher?

If the smoke is unfiltered, then it will mean that none of THC will be missing from hit or materials that will make it harsh will be like any combusted molecules of the plant matter.

As you burn cannabis, then you will get different entourage effect in comparison with when you try to either vape or just ingest it.

Such combustion will add to your body and make your head high somewhat, but this is mainly an additional effect that lasts right after taking your hit.

What will make you higher will be smoking so much immediately instead of being spread it out over the session. You can feel the effects much faster and also more intensely while you take everything at once. A gravity bong is indeed an awesome smoking choice.

Will it be worth purchasing or making gravity bong?

If you ask me then answer is ‘YES’! The smoking experience you can get from gravity bong can be really unique and most probably you will not use it every time.

If you buy from a renowned maker then definitely it will be right way to go, as it will have matching quality at affordable price.

If you prefer to make it for yourself, then try to use materials which are safe to use. Besides that, it must also fit together easily and conveniently without using any adhesives.