As we age it is very common to lose the muscular strength and the functional flexibility of our body. This increases the risk of a fall or dependence on others for everyday activity. The Whole Body Vibration helps to deal with these adverse effects. Researchers have found that the WBV machine has reduced the chances of falling and has helped seniors control their postures.


Training with a whole-body vibrating machine is as helpful as any other conventional training, which works to improve the lower body strength. It is safe to use and can be used by seniors to improve their health and get therapeutic benefits. LifetimeVibe can increase blood circulation level, help relieve pain, improve sleep and energize the muscles.


Benefits of using WBV:

  • A vibration workout can help lower the chances of fall and increase the lower body strength. It helps an elderly person to balance his body and hence improves the quality of his life.
  • When the person starts to age, he tends to become less active and this might lead to an increase in body fat. Vibration training, can improve activity and reduce fat. In addition, people can feel better walking, even if they are having a chronic illness like arthritis.
  • People having lower back pain have also seen improvement in chronic conditions. It has helped reduce pain sensation and pain-related disability. Intentional vibration therapy is different than ongoing occupational or industrial vibration, which can be a risk for lower back pain. Vibration plate therapy can be both safe and effective.
  • Certain studies done on postmenopausal women aged 58 to 74 showed that WBV exercises were seen to have an improvement in the speed of motion and jump height. Thus, this WBV training is as good as resistance training as it helps in improving the fitness level and muscle strength.
  • WBV can be  good for physical activity for  seniors, especially for muscles and bones. It has also been found  to be beneficial for reducing arterial stiffness without making any changes in the heart rate or the blood pressure level. Thus, it is one of the best ways to improve the cardiovascular system too. It is often better than any other conventional workout.


To conclude, WBV has proven beneficial for older people. It is as good as any other resistance training which can improve your muscular strength, improve your flexibility, help older people to balance well, and to prevent falling. Though there are many studies to be done, so far, many are happy with the way WBV is helping people.