Few years back, when we lost our teeth, then the only solution we had was to fix bridge or removable dentures. However, how many of us were happy with this solution?

Nowadays, the new technology is available where you have got the option for dental implants in Canberra which is a much better solution, as compared to the old remedies that was available with us.

What is dental implant?

Dental implant is nothing but an artificial tooth, which will be placed on your mouth which will also support your crown and bridge. This artificial tooth will be made of titanium metal that will be fixed in your mouth.

This option is not only a long-term solution but also considered to be the one of the best options available.

However, before going for this option, you need to pay a visit to any periodontist to evaluate your present condition so that you can confirm whether you are right candidate for such option.

Following are few advantages that you can get if you decide to undergo dental implants option.

Dental implant procedures usually have a very high success rate

Success rate of these dental implant procedures may vary upon the individual’s dental health, and the jaw where the implants can be placed and also the expertise of dentist who will perform the procedure.

However, dental implants generally have a 95% success rate. As per 2014 study, where it suggests that implant success rates can be much better if carried out by any dental specialist.

Implants may look and feel almost like your old original teeth

So far as the appearance of the dental implant is concerned, it will be very difficult for anyone to distinguish between these implants and your natural teeth.

An expert periodontist can customize these implants exactly like all your other natural teeth, as he will take special care to make sure that it is perfectly matched.

Implants will make your eating easier

With dentures, many people find it inconvenient while eating hard foods, but with dental implants you can enjoy all kind of foods and chew them easily as if you are chewing with your natural teeth.

No special care will be necessary while eating hard foods.

Implants will serve as replacement for all the roots of missing tooth

Dental implants will usually focus on those parts of your teeth that may not be seen like your roots, or sub-level.

The roots of all your teeth will be anchored to the jaw, and hence they can easily hold it in its place almost like roots of any tree.

Implants will help you to protect healthy teeth

Most widely used procedure of teeth replacement option were the dental bridge whenever you lose your any tooth. Often times, in this type of procedure involves cutting of few parts of your adjacent healthy teeth for ensuring proper balance of your dental bridge.

Now, because of dental implants, we now can position a bridge or crown on your dental implant itself. Your other teeth now need not suffer any more because of the problem with one tooth.