The MDMA drug, commonly called the Ecstasy or nicknamed as Molly, is being highly abused in the recent times. The very reason why this scenario prevails is due to the property of this drug. It has an ability of inducing a feeling of pleasure in human beings who take this drug.

There are many ways to get rid of addiction or drug abuse pattern in individuals. There are many centers for rehabilitation that help people deal with this issue. Even the couples rehab is available to help couples who are suffering from addiction or substance abuse practices.

Symptoms of Ecstasy Abuse in someone

If you have a friend or a loved one whom you suspect that he/she could be abusing the Ecstasy drug them you could easily identify it by looking for some tell-tale signs and symptoms.

Experts say that when someone starts using this drug regularly, they begin to feel an inflated sense of confidence, self-worth and increased level of energy. There are few other signs too and some of them are scary. The following are some the signs you would notice in the person if he/she is taking drugs –

  • Reduced or nullified sense of pain
  • Increased and super exaggerated sense of positivity
  • Change in the sleeping pattern and in some people, they stay awake for days together without sleeping at all.
  • Being paranoid about everything
  • Muscles get tensed up and habit of teeth clenching
  • Reduced anxiety and depression and a highly increased and long-lasting energy levels that is both unnatural.
  • Some of the physical symptoms include dry mouth, dilated pupils etc.

The danger of ecstasy

This MDMA which is the abbreviation for the chemical compound methylenedioxymethamphetamine is a pharmaceutical drug that is more abused than it is rightfully used for its specific purpose.

This is often very dangerous and people who abuse do not have any idea about the harmful effects of this drug. This drug mostly causes hyperthermia, which is excessive heat, which may lead even to death in some cases.

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Listed in this article are some of the generalized signs and symptoms that could have resulted either from an Ecstasy abuse or any other drug abuse or it might be entirely due to some other reason too. So, when you suspect if someone is suffering from drug abuse, it is best to consult a doctor and seek professional help to get proper treatment for the affected person.