Deciding to get brace is a very important step towards the care of your teeth. Braces are great in correcting the alignment and bite issues. They help you to get a beautiful smile which ultimately gives you confidence and improve your oral health. Usually, there are two options when it comes to braces i.e metal or clear.

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Traditionally, metal braces were considered the sole option as braces for orthodontic issues however with teenagers and adult patients of the request of confidential treatment clear braces are getting popular. Clear braces are one of the best alternatives in the market. However, both kinds of braces have their pros and cons.

Metal Braces: The Traditional Kind

Metal braces consist of a metal adhered to the teeth using special dental glue, which is connected to the archwires. However, sometimes rubber band is used for the connection. Metal braces need to be adjusted from time to time to increase the pressure on the teeth so that they align correctly.


  • Metal braces are the cheapest option available which makes it accessible for everyone.
  • They are the most effective braces as compared to the other types for correcting, realignment bites issues and gaps.
  • They show less stain from food pigment.


  • Metal braces are the most noticeable form of braces.
  • They make the mouth sore in the soft tissues.
  • Cleaning them is a time-consuming and challenging process and requires a special technique to floss and brush.

Clear Braces: The New Alternative

Clear braces are ceramic braces, they work as good as metal braces however they use shades or plastic wires or brackets for correction of teeth. They are good for complex orthodontic issues as they need you to apply force to your teeth and jaws for realignment. Their adjustment is done by the orthodontist.


  • Clear braces are less noticeable and have a great effect on your confidence level.
  • These braces do not sore the mouth’s soft tissues especially initially or after adjustment.


Clear braces are more expensive than metal braces due to their material and design.

  •  They are also larger as compared to the metal braces
  • As the material used in these braces is less durable they are very prone to any damage and can cost you money for the repair.
  • As the archwire which is used in the clear braces are either white or clear so they are also very prone to staining
  • They take a longer time when it comes realignment of teeth as compared to metal braces. Hence they are used in simple corrections.

Metal Braces Vs Clear Braces

Choosing the braces can be a difficult choice to make however it is very important to know the pros and cons of both the braces before deciding. Choosing a brace for your teeth is a very personal decision a person makes for themselves depending upon their requirement and necessities.

Oral hygiene and better oral health always help us to get that beautiful smile on our faces. It also enhances the confidence which gives us the charm.