Chapped, peeling and cracked lips are not only uncomfortable but can be embarrassing also. Chapped lips are quite common during cold weather.

The Hype of CBD Products

If you are new to the CBD industry, you might be eager to know what all the hype is about when it comes to CBD products. You might have heard mixed reviews on CBD products, thereby making you curious about trying out these products and coming to a conclusion yourself.

If you are looking for a solution for your chapped lips, then why not go in for a CBD lip balm sold by licensed stores such as Allueur. The company is headquartered in Coral Springs, Florida and if you live nearby, you can visit their store and check out the product yourself. Their lip balm is made from nourishing oils that help keep your lips moisturized and healthy. The company does not use any artificial fragrances in their lip balm.

Now as a new customer, you will be inquisitive to know how these lip balms work. The base of any CBD infused lip balms is beeswax, combine this with CBD and it takes your regular lip balm to another level.

When you apply CBD infused lip balms, these bind with your cannabinoids receptors CB1 and CB2 produced by your endocannabinoid systems (ECS). These receptors are responsible for the regulation of your mood, memory, appetite, immune system, and pain.

When CBD comes in touch with your chapped or damaged lips, it helps to soothe the pain and prevent chapping from occurring in the future. When compared to your traditional lip balm, these products can help speed up the healing process and promote healthy chap free lips.

Say Bye to Dry and Chapped Lips with CBD Infused Balms

Some of the benefits a good CBD infused lip balm can provide you include:

  • It has anti-bacterial properties that can help keep your lips germ free
  • It is anti-inflammatory and can soothe your lips against pain caused by cracks, cold sores or, peeling
  • It can leave your lips looking supple and shiny without making them look greasy
  • It is made with essential vitamins such as A, C, and E that can moisturize your lips
  • It contains 0.3% or less THC, which will not get you high
  • It is made from natural and herbal ingredients free from any harmful chemicals
  • These lip balms are available in different flavors that can easily cover the taste or smell of CBD

It is always better to do your research when it comes to any CBD products. If you are allergic to certain ingredients, you might want to make sure that that ingredient is not a part of the lip balm you wish to purchase.

Look for companies that make CBD infused lip balms from natural ingredients. Ensure that their products come with lab reports shared on their website. This can give you an idea of the THC percentage in the products.


Your soft and supple lips are sure to win gazes from onlookers. Applying lip balms regularly can keep your lips hydrated and soft.