DNA test is very useful these days as it helps to find the maternal lineage or the biological parents of the child. Avuncular DNA test is done to find the biological aunt or uncle of a child. The test is done by taking the sample of the child and analyzing to find out people related biologically to the child like uncle or aunt. Let’s understand some facts about avuncular test in this post.

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Things to Know

  • A child contains half genes of the biological mother and half of the biological father. The biological father of the child has some of the genes in the siblings. This is the reason the child can inherit the characteristics from the uncle or aunt. In case, the biological father of the kid is deceased then DNA test for child and aunt will help in finding the paternity lineage for the security of the child.
  • The reports of the tests are calculated on the basis of the genetic matches. If there are a high number of matches then there are high chances that the alleged uncle or aunt is the biological uncle or aunt of the child. To get accurate results, we can opt for uncle DNA test. The Y chromosome test can help to get accurate results.
  • The Y-chromosomes are passed from the biological father to the biological sons so only male siblings have Y chromosomes. Now, the Y chromosome of the child will be matched with alleged sibling of the biological father and if the results do not match then the alleged uncle is not the biological uncle.
  • These days, it is easy to perform avuncular DNA test at home. The laboratories will send you the testing kit and collect some samples like nail clippings and hair. You have to send the samples through the prepaid label back to the laboratory. They will help you with the results after the analysis.

These are some facts about the Avuncular DNA test.