As you recover from your knee replacement surgery, physical therapy will be a major part of your post-operative routine. While it may seem like a long road, eventually, with perseverance and discipline, you can regain almost full mobility and pursue multiple types of activities. Here are a few that you can plan on after your knee replacement surgery in Atlanta and your physical therapy routine.



If you are like most knee joint replacement patients, walking pain-free in and of itself will be a victory worth celebrating. Walking can help you get back into shape and is low impact on your knee.


This is another exercise that almost anyone can do after knee replacement surgery. It is low impact and can help you build strength and endurance. Because swimming is non-weight-bearing, you can exercise as much as you want with little risk to your knee. You can usually start swimming three to six weeks after your surgery.

Elliptical and Cycling Machines

These are also low impact and you can control the difficulty you encounter. They also allow you to exercise longer while building flexibility in your knee. Both are great alternatives to running because of the consistent exercise and circular motion.



Yoga includes a lot of gentle stretching that improves flexibility and builds strength in your knee. By working with an instructor who specializes in post-operative yoga, you can ensure your workout does not twist or stretch your knee too much but also provides you with optimum exercise for your knee and entire body.


These are basic exercises that are specifically designed to use simple, rhythmical movements to build strength while increasing flexibility. Some examples are crunches, pushups, sit-ups, and lunges. These should be done under the care of an instructor.



Golf encourages you to walk and exercise multiple muscles in your upper and lower body. You must be careful, but it also is low stress on your knee. If 18 holes seem a bit much, try nine or even try a shorter Par-3 course.


A rowing machine will help build endurance, flexibility, and strength without straining your knee. Over time, you can build your endurance and increase your difficulty levels. Rowing will also provide you with cardiovascular benefits as well.

Your knee replacement surgery in Atlanta requires you follow up with physical therapy and then exercise in order to maximize the benefits. These are just some of the more popular exercise methods you can utilize as you fully recover.