We’re probably saying the obvious, but pain stinks! Pain, whether chronic (no pun intended) or acute, can make life intolerable. Until recently, strong opioids were the go-to treatment for chronic pain.

These medications often create more issues than they solve. Thankfully, a new, non-addictive pain therapy is sweeping the medical community: Cbd cream.

What exactly is cbd cream?

Cbd cream is simply cream with cbd extract stirred in. Big pharma creates creams and lotions with several chemicals and preservatives, while the finest cbd creams include just substances found in your kitchen.

In fact, we’ll teach you how to produce your own cbd cream later on.

What is the difference between cbd cream and cbd oil?

The primary distinction between cbd cream and cbd oil is the method of administration. Here’s how it works:

• Cbd cream should only be used topically on the skin.

• Cbd oil should only be given sublingually (sublingually).

Cbd cream may not be the ideal option for you if you have difficulty keeping items out of your mouth. It doesn’t help that cbd cream often looks and smells like a wonderful pudding. It isn’t, and it doesn’t work.

So, sit on your hands—or smoke a blunt or joint—but don’t eat the cbd cream! It won’t kill you, but it will induce severe stomach agony. And it is suffering that we are attempting to avoid.

So, once again, don’t eat the cbd cream!

Is cbd cream going to get you high?

You will not get high with cbd cream. A cbd product (e.g., cream, oil, tincture, and dissolvable strip, edible) could only make you high if it included significant concentrations of Thc. Cbd cream contains no THC, at least not in any amount that would cause your world to become trippy.

So you can relax knowing that the cbd cream you apply before leaving the home will not cause you to taste colors on your way to work.

What are the advantages of cbd cream?

Cbd cream may be used to alleviate pain in a very particular location of your body. If you use cbd oil for a painful muscle, you may have overall pain alleviation across your whole body, but the muscle pain may not go away entirely.

However, if you apply cbd cream to a hurting muscle, all of CBD’s pain-relieving properties will be concentrated in that one spot.

It’s the difference between taking aspirin for a hurting muscle and having a massage. Aspirin provides overall pain relief, although the muscle may remain tight and uncomfortable. However, with massage, you may concentrate on the muscle until it is relaxed and pain-free.

Cbd cream, like massage, may target a particular area for optimum efficacy.

What conditions can cbd cream treat?

Cbd has been used to treat a variety of ailments, including cancer and diabetes. Cbd cream, in particular, serves to treat the following conditions:

• Chronic pain

• Acute pain

• Achy muscles

• Achy joints

• Eczema

• Psoriasis

• Skin infections

• Rashes

• Burns

As you can see, cbd is swiftly becoming the “jack of all trades” of the medical world due to its efficacy in a wide range of therapies.