One of the most popular types of cosmetic surgery people choose to undergo is a necklift. Along with other types of surgery such as a facelift. it has been a hit at many cosmetic clinics for a long time. In simple terms, this procedure sees excess fat and skin removed from around your jawline. The net result is a more defined neck which is more youthful in appearance.

How long will my neck lift last?

Of course, one of the most enduringly popular questions with any form of cosmetic surgery is how long it will last for. This is no different when people choose to have a necklift! In truth, it is hard to give a definite figure for each individual as it will be different every time. However, a good general rule of thumb is that this procedure should last 10 to 15 years if done correctly. It is also worth noting that you may have to wait a little while after the surgery to see the full results. This will again vary from person to person but can take several weeks usually.

What is involved with this procedure?

A necklift can be done on its own or sometimes as part of an overall facelift. It can be carried out under general anaesthetic or even local anaesthetic if your surgeon feels this is best.

The most common approach is to use liposuction where a small cut is made behind both ears and underneath your chin. Special equipment then removes fat from the chin and jaw area to give a more defined look when done. Depending on your goals and your neck’s structure though, this may not be the most effective plan. Your surgeon may decide on carrying out this procedure in another way after talking about the look you want to achieve.

Before you have this procedure done, your surgeon will probably advise you to quit smoking if applicable and also to stop taking certain medications. After the surgery is complete and you return home, it is also wise to have someone stop with you for the first few nights. This is merely a precaution though and should not be something that worries you or puts you off from having the surgery done.

Why have a necklift done?

The main reason people opt for this sort of cosmetic surgery is to get a more youthful look to their neck and a younger overall appearance. When done well, this is something that can certainly be achieved with this procedure. If you are unhappy with how your neck looks and want to take action to resolve this, it is a good option to consider.