Thinking of starting a career through the SSI – Ticket to Work program? Here are some tips that’ll help you through your journey to who you want to be.

Don’t Dwell on What You Can’t Do

You won’t be able to do anything about tasks you can’t perform, so it’s better not to dwell on them. Instead, find your strength and focus on it since it’ll be your most important advantage. If you excel at writing or drawing, concentrate your energy on developing that skill. You can watch or listen to some instructional videos, or get someone to teach you. The truth is, everyone has a thing they’re good at, even if they think otherwise. They just have to discover what it is.

Volunteer Work Is a Good Start

Being a volunteer or working in an unpaid internship will help you later on. There’s no better predictor of success than early practice in the workplace. While some people with disabilities get a job in their teens, it’s still good to do so even if you’re older. What’s important is you take the leap and jump-start your career.

Break Your Goals Into Actionable Steps

It’s easy to dream of an ultimate goal, but achieving it is a different story. There are many roadblocks and detours on the way that’ll discourage you, making your main objective seem complex and too distant.

To make your goal less intimidating, break it down into smaller, more actionable steps so you’ll only face one problem at a time. Checking several of them off the list will also give you a sense of achievement you can be proud of.

For example, if you’re targeting a certain career, you can establish separate goals for achieving certification, gaining experience through internships and volunteering, and building your network in the industry. And, as you may imagine, you can still break down these smaller goals further.

Know When to Ask for Help

Many think persons with disabilities always need assistance, and it can get annoying at times. After all, you’re capable of looking after yourself. But, there’s also nothing wrong with letting people who care for you help you.

Sometimes, you have to do things on your own, but there are instances when you need a helping hand. And, you can grab it; it’s perfectly fine. No one will judge you. If they do, ignore them. They’re not supportive of your career.

If you’re receiving disability benefits but wish to start a career, the Ticket to Work – SSI program has a wide range of jobs available. And, while you’re planning your whole path, always keep these things in mind to achieve your goals with ease.