Teeth are integral part of the body that plays a pivotal role in smooth functioning of human digestive system.  Perfect teeth help greatly in enhancing the person’s facial beauty.  Unfortunately, sometimes due to some reason if teeth are damaged or decayed, the only wise choice remains is to extract the problematic tooth.  While removing the tooth your dentist takes all precautions to carry out the procedure without any trouble to the patient. Thus, tooth extraction is an easy procedure, but to maintain your oral health after the extraction is quite important.

While the patient neglects to take care of their oral health in post tooth extraction period, they may have to visit their dentist many times as their oral health may deteriorate. These hardships can be easily avoided by following suggestions by an experienced dentist.

Here are few tips to consider for post care of your oral health after tooth extraction:

  • The part of the mouth from where tooth was extracted is quite tender and takes at least few days to heal. While healing there are chances of formation of blood clot, the part becomes reddish or you may experience some pain. Hence, it is best to take extra care while chewing your food, it will be best to eat soft textured food for few days.
  • You shouldn’t rinse with hot water after tooth extraction process for few days. Hot elements won’t help in healing the spot on the tooth line in a faster way as blood clots may not heal.
  • It will be helpful not to gargle as well. This is because there are chances of dislodging the blood clot.
  • If any pain arises, you can take pain killers tablets as prescribed by your dentist.
  • To prevent any side effects it is advisable to keep the gauze pad on the extracted space for few hours.
  • You can keep ice cubes or ice packs on the part and nearby, even on the side of the face. This gesture helps in reducing swelling and reddishness on the part required to heal. However not for hours, just fifteen minutes will be enough.
  • You can eat soft food like ice cream after one hour of tooth extraction. This helps you to keep away tiredness and heal the spot of teeth recently subjected to open in extracting the tooth along with its root.
  • Rest after the extraction as you may feel headache while overworking yourself. It will be beneficial to have a good restful sleep for few hours and to keep head propped up on pillows.
  • After a has day passed, you can rinse your mouth with salt mixed water. This will help in cleaning out any blood and make you feel fresh.
  • Avoid the extraction spot, brushing or flossing your mouth for a fortnight.

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