In the last few months, coronavirus has affected almost every country in the world. In certain European countries like Italy, Spain and also USA, it has spread like a wildfire and everyday people are losing their lives in large numbers.

Till now, no vaccine has been found that can really prevent spread of this deadly virus. However, following are few Don’ts that people must observe so that they can remain protected from this deadly virus.

Don’t create panic

Coronavirus has suddenly taken the whole world caught on wrong foot, and the authorities are totally clueless.

In such situation, many rumors and lies are spreading on social media, however you must not panic and also don’t spread any unverified messages.

Don’t touch your face

Both World Health Organization as well as medical professionals has advised that we should not touch any part of the face, which can reduce chances of spreading this virus. Also, try to keep your hand always clean.

Don’t accumulate masks

World Health Organization has already stated that by wearing masks, it will really not help and it should be worn only by those who are affected.

Health care professionals however need to use Respiratory Masks in Bulk, as they will be in close proximity with their patients.

Don’t travel unnecessarily

People are catching this virus mostly at airports or while travelling by air, and hence it is necessary to avoid any travel completely. Only if it is totally unavoidable then you must travel. You must get yourself screened before and after making any travel.

Don’t visit to crowded places

Also, avoid travelling to any crowded places like trains, busses, metros, shopping malls where there is always possibility of crowds everywhere.

In case any symptoms are observed in you then try to either self-quarantine or visit to any doctor nearby and get yourself checked up.

Don’t believe everything that you read in the internet

Internet, Facebook, Twitters are full of various cures and symptoms about this disease but you should not take these writings very seriously and start believing them.

Neither should you neither believe in them nor spread any of these messages among your friends.

Don’t try to seek alternative treatment

You may find advices from different quarters who may offer their advices for certain alternative treatment for this virus. However, you should not believe or try them.

You must only visit to any hospital or an authorized medical practitioner for the treatment, if you observe any symptom of this virus.

Don’t take antibiotics

Avoid taking any antibiotics that you may be taking for any common fever or cold from your home kit. Take medication only under the advice of any registered medical professional.

Don’t take flu shot

You may find the symptoms of flu and coronavirus quite similar and if you take flu shot then your treatment can become little complicated.

Don’t show any hostility against Asians

Since the virus has arrived from China, many people often show hostility towards them, but that will not serve any purpose.