Bong comes from the Thai word ‘Baung’. It is a cylindrical tube designed from bamboo or wood used for smoking in the ancient times. Today, there are a variety of bongs featuring different materials, shapes, designs, and sizes.

Different bong materials


Glass material offers a clean and pure taste. It does not impact the flavor of the smoke. Since glass is clear, you can detect a buildup of resin and gunk. Roor has become equal to high-quality glass. You can buy roor tech bongs online from, at affordable prices. Be careful, when you use glass bongs.


Plastic is a durable material and does not break when it falls. There will be a mess but no broken glass pieces to take care of while cleaning. Plastic bongs are cheaper than other materials. You can take them along on a journey. The drawback is that smoke taste may be influenced.


Ceramic is heavier than glass and plastic bongs. It is also fragile, so you cannot carry it around like plastic bongs. Ceramic bongs are available in multiple colors, shapes, and sizes because the material is malleable and shapes well. They are costlier than plastic because of the intricate artistic designs.

Ceramic bongs are not intended for daily use but great on special occasions. When not in use display it as interior décor.


Bamboo is an ancient material used to create bong. These are simple, tubular design. They can be made extravagant with the addition of paint and metal. Bamboo bong is a very durable and classic piece.


Bong designed from metal is difficult to find. Metal is a long-lasting material but can change the smoke flavor. It is even hard to identify any buildup inside.

Different bong designs

Besides materials, you get to choose from a plethora of designs. Some of the common designs are –

Straight tube

It is a simple design! There is a straight tube having a bowl on the bottom and mouthpiece on one side.


These are self-explanatory. As the base is large, beaker bongs get extra stability. The beaker shaped bongs are available in different sizes and easy to use.

Round base

These are similar to beaker shaped bongs but the only difference is its shape. The base is spherical.


Multi-chamber bongs are also called recycler bongs. The tube splits into 2 chambers with an extra third chamber or tube. The advantage of does multi-chamber is that users enjoy cool and smooth hits. These multi-chamber bongs are hard to create and so their prices are high. If you plan to buy one, then consider the difficulty of cleaning these recycler bongs.


The bongs have a percolator, which filters the smoke and cools it before inhalation. The smoke bubbles as it passes through water offering the bubbly effect. You can place percs at the bong’s bottom or in its chamber or both. Percolators are found in different kinds of shapes and are expensive than the standard water pipes.