Tattoo is in fashion since many years. Mostly youngsters and hippies are seen following the trend of getting latest tattoos on their body. However, trends and styles keep changing, but tattoo remains the same as it is made of permanent ink. People sometimes regret getting a tattoo which isn’t appealing and want to remove it.

There are endless ways of getting tattoo removed and these techniques have been carried on since 1960s. There are creams, gels, solutions, surgical method, and dermabrasion method that are used to clear tattoos from skin. However, leaser treatment is the best and safest procedure. Laser beam penetrates into the area from where ink has to be removed. This beam breaks all ink fragments that are to be removed, into smaller fragments. Slowly, the lymphatic system gradually removes the tattoo completely by clearing all the fragments.

In Phoenix, Arizona PicoWay laser equipment is considered the best way of delivering ultra-short picosecond energy pulses that breaks tattoo ink into smaller pigments and remove it without heating that area. Picoway laser tattoo removal was approved by FDA as well because it can treat any ink and on any type of skin. Delete is the only Laser Salon in Arizona that uses the advance technology of PicoWay picosecond laser. With this method the number of treatments is minimized and results are faster.

Here are some benefits of laser tattoo deletion process –

  • Creams and gels cannot remove tattoo completely and surgery or dermabrasion is quite traumatic. However, laser treatment has 100% success rate because the beam’s wavelength is adjusted as per the color of the ink to ensure that the ink is broken into smaller fragments.
  • Scarring and infection is quite normal in surgical removal because the entire tattooed area is removed from skin and it is also painful. With the laser procedure, healthy skin isn’t damaged and only ink is removed.
  • Laser process might be expensive than cream and other methods, but it saves money on side effects that happen after other methods of tattoo removal. Initially, laser treatment was expensive when it was first introduced, now every clinic and salon use this treatment and this has made it reasonable.
  • Laser removal is quick and requires less sessions to complete this process. However, the number of sessions also depends upon the size of the tattoo.
  • During the process, the patient can perform their daily activities normally.
  • It is a quick process that doesn’t take more than 20 minutes in every session, unlike surgeries that take hours to complete.
  • Sometimes in surgery grafting is also done where the skin is replaced on the tattooed area with another layer of skin taken from different body part, this can be traumatizing and leaves scars as well. In laser treatment, all this isn’t included and you wouldn’t feel any scarring or infection.
  • Every treatment needs aftercare, even a facial massage requires avoiding UV rays to maintain glow on the skin. Hence, there is aftercare required in this process, but they are mild which include keeping the area clean and dry and avoiding UV rays for some days.

This job isn’t performed by any person, but just a licensed professional. This means a dermatologist who has undergone training must perform the laser treatment. This can guarantee that the treatment will be safe.