Even though losing weight is not an easy task, but there are different type of procedures available these days that help you in getting effective results faster. One of the popular procedures is gastric sleeve or vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Most of the people are opting for this procedure due to its amazing results.

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Here is some information about gastric sleeve surgery that helps you in getting a clear idea of it before undergoing the procedure.

Gastric sleeve surgery

It is a simple procedure that helps to reduce the ability of your stomach to hold the food. In this surgery, your stomach size will be reduced up to 20% of original size. With this, the food quantity you will consume less amount of food compared to earlier.

Reasons for undergoing surgery

This procedure is the permanent change in your stomach size that brings significant change in your weight. Including excess weight gain there are many other reasons for considering surgery such as bad cholesterol, type2 diabetes, joint pain, blood pressure, and sleep apnea.

What to expect from surgery

The surgery helps to make changes in the hunger hormone that is your hunger feelings will be reduced after the surgery and you often feel full by eating less food compared to earlier.

With this surgery, you can lose nearly 50% to 80% of excess weight and you can maintain your healthier weight.

Also, you can control your weight after the procedure. If you want to lose weight you need to monitor your food intake and start doing exercise regularly.

Physical assessment

If you want to qualify for the gastric sleeve procedure, calculate your BMI (body mass index). This helps to measure your weight and give reliable measurements. You can also make use of the formula:

Weight (in pounds)/ 703 = result divided by height (inches) multiply by height (in inches)

  • In case your BMI is above 40 or equal to 40 you will be qualified for the procedure.
  • BMI 30 to 39.9 may be qualified depending on health condition and BMI less than 20, and then you will not be qualified.


It is a laparoscopic surgery performed under local anesthesia. Three small incisions will be made and your surgeon cuts greater portion of your stomach and leaves small portion. It will be in banana shape and connects with the lower part of small intestine duodenum to the esophagus. The incisions will be closed by using sutures or staples.

Gastric sleeve surgery is less risky than other bariatric procedures, but you have to choose a surgeon who supports you both mentally and emotionally before and after the surgery. Gather information and choose the best surgeon. Schedule your appointment today and discuss with your doctor to lose your extra weight.