Kratom extract is a little different than the regular powder form. New users need to know that the extract form is stronger and so small dosages can be used. As a new kratom user, you need to know several things like –

  • How extract is made?
  • How much dosage for first-time users?

How is powdered extract made?

Kratom extract is available in different variations. The extraction process starts when kratom leaves are harvested and dried. In the extraction process, all the compounds inside the leaves get activated and eventually separated.

  • Mixture of dried leaves and ethanol gets boiled in a large kiln or pot.
  • Due to heating and boiling, a compound within the leaves gets extracted.
  • The leaves get separated from ethanol with the help of a strainer.
  • The crushed leaves are then put back into the kiln or pot.
  • It is boiled and at one point only concentrated extract remains.
  • This is strained, pressed and allowed to dry.

Now, you have a tremendously potent kratom leaves extract, which is double in concentration than the regular leaves. The extraction method is similar to the extraction of water and alcohol or acid-based vinegar.

The concentration potency level will depend on the variety of strains used to extract.  Liquid kratom tinctures are potent, so the dosage needed will be less than the regular powder dose.

How to use powdered kratom extract? What is tolerance?

The different forms of the extract are oil, tincture, concentrates, capsules, and powder. To determine your way of using powdered kratom extract discuss with people on social channels, who share their dosing tips. Even think about tolerance.

Tolerance is when you use a single strain for a lengthy period without switching. Kratom user will start small dosage and end up using large dosage as their tolerance level increases. This condition is called stagnant strain syndrome.

You will need to avoid tolerance. Therefore try different strains of kratom. Switch your strains regularly to keep away tolerance and enjoy the benefits of the powdered extract.  There is a wide community of kratom strains available including Wild Red Bali, White Maeng Da, White Jongkong, Green Bali, etc.

Does kratom have a lengthy shelf life?

Yes, store your kratom stockpile in some cool, dry space. It ensures that you enjoy fresh extract for a long time. You can use glass jars with tight lids or Ziploc bags. This will help you buy in bulk and even shuffle the strain to avoid tolerance.

Kratom stem & veins

The leaves are loaded with alkaloidal properties, while the veins and stems have their unique structure different from the leaf. It means the veins and stems of kratom have different alkaloids than what is found in the leaves.

Due to this different structure, the stems & veins take longer to process as well as digest. You will find that stems & veins stay for a long time in the body than kratom leaves. However, seasoned kratom users mix stems & veins to reset their tolerance levels.

There is still research necessary on a huge scale to understand how kratom powder works? What are its safe uses? What are the risks involved? Kratom powder is still in its infant stage but make sure to buy from reliable vendors.