Going out or dating an escort means you need to adhere to specific unwritten etiquettes. Even though escort is legal in Europe, you will need to look for a reliable escort agency. Especially for first time pleasure seekers, hiring an escort will make them nervous.

Today, internet has made it simple to locate a good escort agency like Lovesita.com. There are different variety of escorts listed to suit clients of every budget. Learn things associated with escorting and the protocols you need to follow. There is even some basic unwritten etiquette, which can make a lot of difference between good and great experience.

Hygiene & cleanliness

  • Hygiene is crucial even if you don’t pay for a date.
  • Even if are paying an escort, cleanliness helps to enhance mood for intimacy and smooth conversation.
  • Never meet escort with unwashed hair or sweaty clothes.
  • Prepare to impress her, as she took time to dress sophisticatedly to excite you.

Therefore, stay clean with fresh breath, good smell and nice clothes. It will make her feel comfortable and impressed.

Health & safety

Escort industry has developed a lot. Difference between an escort and prostitute has totally changed. Escort industry has become very sophisticated and every aspect of entertainment is associated with health and safety.

Escorts may come across clients with health issues, which they hide and place escorts at risk. Therefore, while booking, it is necessary to mention if you have any disease or health conditions or even rashes or cuts. Even if you have cough or cold, it is risky during intimacy. Never think about hiding your health condition because it can lead to bitter experience.

Incall & outcall

If you plan for an outcall then make sure your home, apartment or the hotel is in some friendly neighborhood. The indoor ambiance needs to be cozy and warm. Escorts consider safety, when they go on an outcall. Ensure there is no one around because she will not visit if there is someone present. The interiors must not be very dark. Make sure to serve drink from a bottle that you opened in front of her because there have been substance abuse cases through drinks with escorts.

If you booked an incall then make sure to respect her privacy. Never be overfriendly but be courteous. Escorts look for decency in their clients. Never be too demanding and loud. Never share her address because confidentiality is essential in this business.

Never expect her to be a mind reader

Every escort is not booked for sexual pleasures. They are even hired for spending good time and socializing. If you desire a specific activity from her then communicate with her in detail beforehand. She is not a mind reader. She has a right to know what her client expects from her.

The etiquettes are a part of total experience. Hire an escort, only when you are prepared and never on a whim. Treat her in a way, she expects you treat her!