Every effort is made to prepare a good and functional denture, but it’s sometimes hard to achieve a stable denture. This happens when due to an increase in age, smoking or some disease like diabetes, the jaw bone starts shrinking. However, there are advanced dentures available. One such denture is implant-supported dentures.

This appliance requires the placement of implants in the mouth before placing the denture. Dental implants are used to substitute one or many teeth in your mouth. One of the implant denture advantages is that it is made of titanium or similar material that is well suited to the human body. Thus, there is no risk of infection or uneasiness.

The treatment takes several months and sittings to complete this treatment. In the first stage, the implant is positioned in the jaw bone. After three to six months when your bone infuses with the implant, then your dentists call you for the second stage. In this stage, the extension is fixed in implants. After the proper alignment and fixing the texture of your denture is taken by our dentists. In the final stage, the appliance or denture is adjusted on your jawline, so that it fits and functions properly.

Various clinics can provide specialized services. However, you should always do your research work if it is the first time. In case you have friends or family who’ve undergone this treatment, then take references from them. Otherwise, it is always wise to check reviews online for all clinics.

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There are two sorts of implant-supported dentures –

  • Bar retained denture is a thin metallic bar that is connected to 2 to 5 implants placed in your jaw. Clips or different types of accessories are fixed on the bar and denture to keep them in place.
  • Ball retained denture is metal accessories that look like a stud and is implanted on jawbone that matches another accessory.

Implanting supporter has its benefits –

  • Traditional dentures are hectic to handle because it requires cleaning of dentures after removing them and soaking them in water for the entire night to keep it moist otherwise it can dry and change shape. However, supporters stay inside your mouth forever, unless your dentist doesn’t remove it.
  • Traditional dentures require relining regularly since gums shrink and jawline deforms with every tooth loss. However, implant supporters, are supported by many dental implants that are screwed in bones, this means you can speak, eat and talk confidently since there are no changes in alignment.
  • Bridges as well as traditional dentures don’t help in keeping bones steady in natural tooth alignment, this means any changes in jawline will be atrophy. However, implant supporters are screwed in bones and absorbed by them, which makes jaws stronger and usage of teeth comfortably.

The entire procedure can be finished in one go. Supporters for upper plus lower dentures are different. Where in lower dentures, only 2 or 3 implants can support, on the other hand, upper bones require at least 4 to 6 implants depending upon the bone density and volume. Thus, an implant is used to retain bone structure which maintains facial structure as well.