Choose a reliable marijuana dispensary. The reason to use marijuana for medical or recreational purpose does not matter. It is the quality of the cannabis products the dispensary sells that matter.

As the legal cannabis sector is booming, you will find the market saturated with dispensaries in colorado. When you examine local cannabis market, you will be full of variety of questions like –

  • Why does dispensary X costs twice than the others?
  • What is the weed quality they offer?
  • What kinds of pesticides are used?
  • Will the budtender help to choose a good weed?
  • Is it safe to walk to your car with the purchase?

There are still many other factors that need to be considered, while choosing a dispensary. People using it for medicinal needs must ensure that they get right THC and CBD levels to reduce their symptoms.

Areas to consider while choosing ideal marijuana dispensary

Good quality

Multiple strains varying in level of CBD and THC are available. Ensure that the dispensary has choices but not at the expense of quality. Make sure that the weeds look fresh and even smell good. Signs of mold or unpleasant odor has to be avoided.


Quality depends on the source it is bought from. Everything ranging from nutrients to pest control to air quality will count. Budtenders generally are not aware about growing conditions and even if they are, they will never reveal it.

Quality is difficult to determine in a single purchase. The first batch may be great or not is a challenging question. Even reviews from friends are not sufficient to evaluate the quality. If the weed has been awarded or recognized then it will be a good way to start. So, take time to research who is the breeder of a specific strain prior buying.


There is no use of travelling a couple of hours to buy weeds, when there is a good dispensary near your location. Especially people using it to get relief from pain. Check on Google to find out the one close to your location. Closer may not be always better, so shop around. At times a short drive can offer better product and experience.

Budtender’s skill

Every customer does not have same level of expertise and knowledge. The budtender needs to have knowledge about the different marijuana levels. Staff has to be familiar with everything in this niche and be a skilled interpreter [overcome language barrier]. Moreover, they need to be friendly and attentive, so as to make customers comfortable with their purchase.


Weeds look the same, so why the difference in its prices. Undoubtedly, quality cannabis is worthy just like high end cars [best in looks and performance]. Check websites and compare prices. A little research is good as you know what you get against the price.

Dispensary environment

Atmosphere differs from one dispensary to another. Some are so clean that walking in dirty shoes will make you feel uncomfortable. There are others, which give the feel of a garage. A few make you feel like home. Atmosphere reveals a lot. As a customer nothing will stop you from walking out the door the moment you feel awkward and uncomfortable.

Make your finding new dispensary fun rather than a core. Sample the local dispensary offers before committing. Know your penchants and get familiar with the dispensary.