When you have so many eating options on your plate, you should never feel bored. Actually, this life is all about rejuvenating and keeping yourself in good mood. After all, nobody can escape from this life alive. So, the point is that introduce delicious eatables and dishes in your day today life for a scrumptious time. Of course, you need to do proper exercise and workouts too so as to enjoy different food items.


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You know what; chicken is one of those meat items that reserve its place in most of the Indian meals. This is something that is cherished among all the age groups. Good news is that chicken is not just easily available but it is also healthy and nutritious   if munched on in the right quantities.  After all such a lean meat can do miracles for all the non-vegetarians when taken in a manageable way.  After all, if you implement healthier food habits in your diet, it ensures a fit body and better immunity along with delight and taste.


Though chicken is a lean meat along with so much of proteins, it is also much high on cholesterol.  However, it caters selenium that encompasses antioxidants that prove helpful in controlling free radicals and boost your immune system. So, be it chicken pakora or chicken curry or any other chicken eatable; you can munch on it with pride.

Remember that a hundred grams of cooked chicken usually possesses two hundred thirty nine calories.  Out of hundred grams, twenty seven grams are going to be just protein that is vital for development of different organs in your body.  Moreover, chicken is also helpful in maintaining the wanted body weight.  The thread does not ends here, chicken also gives iron and zinc   and it is a brilliant source for Vitamins B12, B6 and D.


With chicken, you can actually maintain your body weight. Since chicken is a great source of high quality protein, it is helpful in maintaining body weight mainly for obese people.  Sufficient protein quantities will simply mean that your stomach remains full leaving no scope for spree eating.  If you include chicken two to three times in your week, it is not going to be a bad idea. However, you have to make sure that you cook it in a right manner.

Now, how many of you aspire to have a toned and muscular   body? Well, if you are one of such fellows then the answer lies in chicken. The high protein content that is found in chicken is going to give you the essential energy to work properly. However, you have to make sure that you balance it out with sufficient macro and micro nutrients in the diet.

So, just learn different dishes based on chicken. You can easily learn how to make chicken pakora or similar eatables in a delectable manner. After all, it is not just about your health but about your taste, delight and fulfilment too.