Are you fond of Chinese food? Chinese food has always been favorite of almost every foodie. Chinese food is known for its 5 different flavors i.e. salty, sweet, bitter, sour and spicy. There are a variety of dishes that come under Chinese food. The appearance and aroma of Chinese food make it look different from all other types of cuisines.


So, if you are a Chinese food lover and planning to party with family or friends, you might either go out somewhere and have dinner or you might order Chinese takeaway online so that you could enjoy your food at home. Usually, people prefer to order food online, either because of a busy schedule or to stay away from crowded restaurants.

Variety of Food that you can Order in a Chinese Takeaway:

1. Dumplings: Dumpling is a traditional food in China, which are in history for more than 1800 years. This Chinese dish is most popular in the north region of china i.e. North China. Dumplings are usually comprised of chopped vegetables and crushed meat into a thin part of dough skin.

2. Chow-mein: Chow-mein is the most delicious and popular Chinese dish that is loved by any age group of people. Chow-mein is stir-fried noodle dish that contains various chopped vegetables and meat. Noodles are to be boiled separately and all the required vegetables in it are to be fried separately. You may get this dish easily in your Chinese takeaway order.

3. Spring rolls: Spring rolls are also one of the popular Chinese dish that is just like a wrapped roll containing vegetable fillings, or meat fillings in it. This wrap roll is prepared by adding the fillings in the thick piece of dough skin and fillings are to be wrapped in that dough skin. Then, wrapped roll is deep fried and can be taken with any dip or sauce.

4. Ma PO Tofu: Ma PO tofu is a famous Chinese dish that falls under Chuan cuisine. This dish gives a spicy and hot flavor as pepper powder is put in high quantity and prepared in a bean based sauce. This dish is also available in many Chinese takeaway orders.

5. Wontons: Wontons are a Chinese dish that is popular from the time of the Tang dynasty. People in china usually eat this dish in winter season. The shape of this dish is somewhat similar in shape of a right triangle. Wonton is usually boiled and served with soup. Its fillings are done with any kind of meat.

6. Manchurian: Manchurian is a Chinese dish that either comes with gravy or dry only. In this dish, small vegetable or meat balls are prepared that needs to be fried and its gravy is prepared separately usually in soya sauce.

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